"virtual world more dangerous than real world"

What We Do

We Do Trainings,IT Consultancy,Cyber Investigation,Awareness programs& WebSolutions

Cyber Investigations

Digvijay malhotra help corporate, attorney, and professional clients with a myriad of complex problems. These range from hacking, stalking, eaves dropping, to data breach. If its complex in the hi-tech & cyber worlds, our team can help.

website vulnerability

We Have Huge Experience In website vulnerability

Ethical Hacking

Digvijay Malhotra is a renowned White Hat Hacker and Cyber Security Researcher with definitive experience in the field of computer security in India.

Spy Software & Gadgets

We Deals in Spy Software’s and Gadget’s We Have Huge Collections OF Spy Software’s and Gadget’s

Who We Are

Customer service is tough in any industry. However, companies and organizations that produce incredible service to every customer have a clear competitive advantage.
We provide CyberSecurity solution as per business requirement of the client.

digvijaymaljotra is a freelancer of 5 years of consistent research and development. Today with great ease we can poise this claim that there is no challenge in IT which our experts cannot take up. We work with the intent of simplifying and securing technology. We are India’s most responsible and innovative organization. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in IT Security to deliver tangible results enabling our clients to profit from the advanced use of technology . We want our clients to have a pro-active approach on safe use of technology . We offer simple but far reaching result oriented solutions to our customers and strive to build an enduring and fruitful relationship with them.

  • We Investigate cyber cases for Society security& Police

  • We Check Website Vulnerability According To Requirement

  • We Hacked the system According To Customer Choice What the Customer Want To Do but Ethically

  • We Provides Training& Worksop's For Security Purposes

Digvijay Malhotra

Ethical Hacking in simple terms means an legally intrusion into a computer system and/or network.But Taking Permission

Digvijay Malhotra

Ethical Hacker, researcher on Internet Security and Spy Apps Developer
Digvijay Malhotra is professional Programing in php & Security Expert and Also Designer & Project manager…Security