Safety Tips

Safety Tips on Cyber Security

Safety Tips

General Information about Safety tips:

• We should beware about meeting online acquaintances in person. You should meet them in public place very imp safety tips.
• Try not to panic
• You should not delete harmful communication like email, posts, Messages etc. All this can give useful information about the identity of the person.
• You should save all communications for evidence without any edit or alter. And also keep a record of your contact with Internet System Administrators or Law Enforcement
• Your ISP and IRC network should have acceptable use policy to prohibits cyber-stalking. And if your network fails to respond to your complaints, consider switching to a provider that is more responsive to user complaints
• If you feel any physical harm to your body u should call Police.
• If a situation during online become opposed you should Log Out or should contact contact a local law enforcement agency.
• During Chat or discussion with users you should avoid huge arguments
• Avoid getting into huge arguments online during chat or discussions with other users.
• You should remember that other users to whom you are chatting with are strangers. So you should be careful in sharing any personal information to them.
• Your chatting nickname should not annoyed others.

Suggestions For Better Security(safety tips)

• You should use virus software in your computer and check daily for new virus signature updates and actually scanning all the files on your computer.
• When you are not using computer you should shut down or disconnect it from Internet connection.
• Regularly download security patches from your software vendors.
• You should not open e-mail attachments from strangers. Be suspicious of any unexpected e-mail attachment from someone you do know because it may have been sent without that person’s knowledge from an infected machine.
• You should choose that password which is difficult or impossible to guess or give different passwords to all other accounts.
• Use a firewall as a gatekeeper between your computer and the Internet. Firewalls are usually software products. They are essential for those who keep their computers online through the popular DSL and cable modem connections but they are also valuable for those who still dial in.
• You should make regular back up of critical data at least once in each day. Larger organizations should perform a full back up weekly and incremental back up every day. At least once in a month the back-up media should be verified

E-Businesses safety Tips To Fight Fraud:

• You should place employees to access payment system and monitor those employees who access that sensitive data or payment system.
• To detect frauds you should use technology turned for the Internet.
• You should place the employees who are trained on the policy.
• Develop and publish a comprehensive privacy policy.
• Monitor the privacy policy and your compliance.
• You should follow all suspicious transactions and report to police if there is any loss of your computer system.
• You should store only necessary data, once a payment is complete there is no need to maintain record in readable form.
• Before deleting temporary data files you should verify the payment system first.
• Make certain server log files do not inadvertently store customer payment information.
• You should ask customers for information, which is necessary to complete a transaction.

We Give Below A Few Tips For Net Usage By Students(safety tips for students):

• The students should use the Internet only to increase their knowledge because Internet is the global storehouse for information and have biggest library in the world at our fingertips.
• Students should visit interesting places sitting at their computer like visit the Taj or the Smithsonian Institution or the Louvre in Paris.

This Is What The Net Is All About-An Explosion Of Information(safety tips):

• You respect privacy policy on the net. You may know the passwords of your friends or schoolmates, but do not miss use it. Remember somebody else can also do this to you.
• You should download from net carefully. Use virus scans before the download as many programs may contain virus, which can destroy your system.
• Use the net to keep in touch with children from other parts of the Country or other Countries-make new pen friends; collect information. Many on-line service providers host chat rooms especially for children, monitored continuously for safety.
• In future planning Internet also helps you. You can use net to find information about schools and colleges courses. Many of them offer you a virtual guided tour of their facilities.
• The net is a global community – without any barriers, distances, boundaries.
• Be careful about talking to “strangers” on a computer network.
Don’ts :
• If you feel uncomfortable in chatting with somebody on net you should inform your parents or elders.
• When chatting with somebody on net do not give away personal information like numbers of credit card, Home address, Phone numbers etc.
• Do not share password with anybody else, this may cause grate harm to you and your reputation.
• Don’t break into somebody else’s computer and worse still change things; you are probably destroying a lifetime of hard work by somebody. You may be intelligent but use your intelligence for better things. Somebody else can be as ruthless and as intelligent to break into your system and destroy your creations as well.please read our safety tips.
• Don’tCopy a program that is copyrighted on the net, which is illegal. There is a lot of illegally available material on the net. Beware from cyber crime. We want to secure you from all cyber thefts.

Cyber Security

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