June 19, 2016

Cyber Investigation In India

Digvijay Malhotra is a renowned White Hat Hacker and Cyber Investigator in India.

We investigate cyber crime cases or we also call them as e crime cases. Any type of fake Id made to harm a person reputation, frauds in electronic money transfers, cyber security threats, sending threatening mails, email frauds, electronic financial frauds etc.

People should use technology for good purpose. We undertake investigation in all cases pertaining to the cyber law/crime.

As the modern corporate world gets increasingly computerized a significant new dimension is add to corporate crime.

This is computer related losses and new ingenious ways to commit these crimes. Beware from cyber crime and ransom virus.

We tackle your problems personally at your premises. We want to secure you from all cyber thefts. Beware from hidden cameras in malls.

Beware from malware with genuine software. We are not hacker We are Ethical Hacker or cyber investigator.

 Our team Providing cyber investigation not hacking. We do security audits for customers also.

Beware from fake hackers. We have white hat hacker in your city.

We can solve your all cyber related problems.  Beware from cyber frauds.

We Do Cyber Investigation In
  1. Online stalking (Harassment)

  2. Computer Intrusion (Persona & business)
  3. We investigation Cyber Fraud
  4. fix problems Cyber Extortion
  5.  Data and Intellectual Property Breach
  6. Internet Defamation
  7. Do not click on unwanted Links on social media.
If You are in any cyber crime trouble then Contact us. We available 24 hours/Seven days for you.
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Email Us With any Questions Or Inquiries or call me +917508366000 We Would be happy to answer your questions and set up meeting with us. Digvijay malhotra ethical hacker can help set you apart from the flock..

Email id:-digd87@gmail.com