November 2, 2015

Cyber Investigations

Deep online intelligence services

Digvijay Malhotra’s is a Cyber Investigator Division is a highly experienced , data breach analysts and former law enforcement professionals that helps Corporations, Attorneys, Celebrities and Professionals solve high tech, internet and computer related incidents. We Deal With:-

  • Internet Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Website & Advertising Redirections
  • Website Defacement
  • Insider Espionage
  • Executives Hacked
  • Advanced Fee Scams
  • Wire Fraud Scams
  • Non Compete Violations
  • Whistle-blower Investigations
  • Corruption Investigations
  • Product Counterfeiting

Our cyber investigations experts reflect our multidisciplinary team approach to problem solving. Cyber team members include the industry’s top practitioners from law enforcement, the Department of Justice and private practice who have proven track records for successfully defending expert findings in court or administrative proceedings. We work closely with general counsel, senior executives, audit committees or outside counsel at each stage to explicate forensics data and assure your objectives are met. If requested, we can assemble a case file for referral to a regulator or law enforcement agency or serve as expert witnesses.In the event of a data breach, Our cyber investigation teams can help identify the source of the intrusion and evaluate how to best safeguard your system from future attacks. We collect and examine physical and digital evidence to uncover important information about an incident to determine where and when an incident occurred, as well as how it happened. We can determine what data was compromised and whether digital evidence was erased or modified, recover data, and recreate events and exchanges so that you have an accurate diagnosis to develop an effective recovery plan. People should be aware from cyber frauds. We focuses on providing specialised services called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Beware from cyber crime. We tackle your problems personally. Beware from hidden cameras in malls.  I am not hacker i am Ethical Hacker. Beware from wanna cry virus.

Our professional hackers offer hacker for hire services that are unmatched. Our team of highly skilled hackers can help with hacked email, Facebook, websites, social media, mobile devices and more. We give best feedback to our clients.Our focus is on developing an Open Source tool to study and counter brute force attacks/phishing through wifi.  As a professional hacker for hire company, we provide the best certified hackers available combined with talent and the highest level of privacy and confidentiality to our clients. We can solve all your cyber problems and can recover your E-mail password. We also provide spy apps. Beware from internet skating and virtual thefts.

Computer Forensics

aboutOur team of specialists at Cyber Diligence can apply years of expertise in forensically-sound tactics to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present digital evidence. The level of examination we offer can provide insight into everything about a computer user from their personal preferences and daily habits, to just how much confidential information left the company with them during their departure.

Network Forensics

about Network Forensics specializes in live data traveling over the network wire; this information is collected, preserved, and analyzed for relevant evidence. Many a time, certain types of computer crime, especially those involving theft of intellectual property or leakage of information, cannot be investigated without the use of network forensic tools and methodologies           

Mobile Forensics

aboutDuring a mobile forensic investigation, forensic examiners will conduct a thorough examination of the data found on the cell phone’s SIM/USIM, the cell phone body itself, and any optional memory cards. We can recover data from all types of mobile devices including smartphones, older cell phones, and tablets. Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry devices can all be handled by our forensic experts.

We Provide Services On Following Cities

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