The Mallu Cyber Soldiers

On Sunday evening, over a hundred Pakistani websites including official government portals such as,, and were hacked. Later, a group called “Mallu Cyber Soldiers” took the credit for the feat, saying that it was payback for crashing the official portal of the Kerala Government. Just like the world-famous Anonymous hacktivists, “Mallu Cyber Soldiers” is Read more about The Mallu Cyber Soldiers[…]

Scan website for vulnerabilities in Kali Linux using Grabber

Grabber Package Description Grabber is a web application scanner. Basically, it detects some kind of vulnerabilities in your website. Grabber is simple, not fast but portable and really adaptable. This software is designed to scan small websites such as personals, forums, etc. absolutely not a big application: it would take too long time and flood Read more about Scan website for vulnerabilities in Kali Linux using Grabber[…]