Beware From Call spoofing In india

Beware Of Call spoofing In India

How to spoof Caller ID?


Call ID Spoofing describes the method to create calls with spoofed phone numbers. Here are the most important things you have to know about spoofing the caller id.

How to Spoof Caller ID?

You can easily spoof any Caller ID using services like Showcard. In order to use the spoof card service, you need to pay in advance and obtain a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which grants access to make a call using the Caller ID spoofing service. Once you have purchased the service, you will be given access to login to your SpoofCard account. To begin with, you need to call the phone number given by the SpoofCard service and enter the PIN. Now, you will be given access to enter any phone number you want to call and also the number you wish to appear on the recipient’s Caller ID display unit.

Once you select the options and initiate the calling process, the call is bridged and the person on the other end receives your call. The receiver would normally assume that the call was coming from a different phone number (the spoofed number chosen by you), thus deceiving the recipient into thinking that the call was coming from a different individual or organization than the caller’s. In this way, it becomes just a cakewalk to spoof Caller ID and fool the receiver on the other end. Showcard also provides an option to change the tone of your voice so that it can appear as a male or a female voice.

These are 5 spoofed call services. Check the list.

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