Check vulnerabilities Framaroot error

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Step by Step guide on Check vulnerabilities Framaroot:

    1. First thing is first. Open Settings on your phone, go to Application, and check unknown source ON.
    2. Open the web browser on your android and search for X-ray for Android.
    3. Download it from the most reliable link which is the First one.
    4. You will be given two download option, you can choose any.
    5. Install X-ray for Android and Open it.
    6. Once you open the application, you will see an option X-ray my device.
    7. It will then start scanning your phone. Wait until the scan is over.
    8. If your device will is vulnerable, you will be notified by the application. Some of the vulnerabilities that might be present could include ginger-break root exploit etc.

How to root your device using Framaroot?

It is always better to root your device using this software because it doesn’t contain any complex procedures and you don’t need a PC either. But after checking vulnerabilities how can someone root their Android device? This is a question for which you’re going to find answer in the below step by step process.

  • Download and install the Framaroot app from here.
  • Now you will need to choose the option install super user.
  • After given different options, choose the first one and proceed the procedure.
  • Now if you are successful till now then you will get a message like this saying “Success, super user and SU binary installed”. And it will ask you to restart your device. Follow the order and wait till it restarts. You can use root checker software to check whether it was a successful operation or not.
  • After the successful restart, your Android device has been rooted. Now enjoy your new rooted android and all the games, apps and stuff it provides.Reffed by:-

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