Facebook Messenger vulnerability

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 Facebook Messenger is an application of the Social Media Giant Facebook. More than 950 Million people are using this application for chatting, video calling and voice calling. But a shocking backdoor vulnerability has been found by a Cyber Security firm Check Point’s Security Researcher. The name of that security researcher is Roman Zaikan.

What is the vulnerability?

Roman Zaikan said It is a Backdoor vulnerability. This vulnerability is openly inviting hackers for performing MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks. Hackers could easily control the entire conversation of any Facebook Messenger user. Hackers could generate a random message and they could send it to the targeted victim. This random message could be a link to a malicious script, ransomware, phishing link, etc. According to Check Point Security, this is an old flaw. Facebook is part of people’s daily life now. It has millions of users and nobody knows, how many are effected by this backdoor vulnerability.

How it is dangerous for Users?

  • Hackers could read the private conversations of users.
  • Hackers could generate fake agreements with the victim, by creating a fake conversation.
  • Hackers could steal chat info and they could submit it in court as evidence.
  • Cybercriminals could hide evidence of their crimes and they could create legal issues for an innocent person.
  • It will be easy for hackers to send ransomware to victims.

It has been fixed or not?

When Check Point Security discovered this vulnerability, they contact Facebook. After an investigation, Facebook came to know about this fact and they fixed it immediately. If you are using Facebook Messenger, update it as soon as possible. Because hackers could target you also. Your safety is in your hands. Facebook should notice these types of security issues in their applications because everyone loves his privacy. Maybe, Facebook will face some legal troubles now for this mistake.

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