Online bank account scams

Online bank account scams
According to case of cyber crime in March has come to light and the victim is again a woman, like the previous case that reportedly took place the same month. According to the woman who has filed a complaint with police, online transfer of money was carried out without her knowledge. Police have booked a suspect, who is believed to have called up the woman to get her to divulge information pertaining to the bank account to later transfer money without her consent. The victim of the latest cyber crime is 33-year-old Sayara Pathan of Pimple Nilakh who has registered a complaint with Sangvi police. Police, acting on her complaint has booked Amankumar Gupta (a fictitious name suspected to have been used by the fraudster to evade detection.) The cops have invoked section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code and sections of the Information Technology (IT) Act in the case. Assistant police inspector S V Gade is investigating the case.

The cyber space is increasingly used by organized criminal groups to target credit cards, bank account and other financial instruments for fraudulent transactions. Online fraud is considered to be third amongst economic crimes prevalent in India according to Global Economic Crime Survey 2011, conducted by Price House Water House Cooper, which reveals the propensity of such crimes in India. The major forms of cyber fraud includes online auctions, internet access services, work at home plans, payment methods using debit/credit card, phishing etc.

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Online bank account scams

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