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The time to get suspicious

There are some indications and signs as to the possibility of an online job offer being a scam. Some of them are:

  1. Asking to make an initial payment: The first obvious reason to get suspicious is, when the online job offer asks an individual to make a payment, no matter however small, for a starter kit. One must remember that the amount may be small for one individual, but when taken from a large group, the scammers make a huge amount.
  2. Deceptive names:  The scammers try and include a word in the name which may indicate that they are, in fact, part of the Government or some prestigious MNC. No matter what the name is, one needs to get it checked thoroughly.
  3. Claiming to have seen your CV: It is also an extremely suspicious case when someone contacts you with a job offer saying they found your CV online.
  4. Job offer comes suddenly: No details regarding educational qualifications or experience are asked and the job is offered right away.
  5. The pay offered is too good to be true. One must realise that then in all probabilities it is not true.

Before accepting any online job offer, one must do a complete research. Don’t let the company to hurry up any process. Before giving any personal information like bank A/c number, credit card number, Pan card number etc. one must establish beyond any doubt the genuineness of the company. At the end of the day, one must also rely on one’s intuition and decide if the online job offered is authentic or not.


People, in their naivety, and in their endeavour to earn in the easiest possible way, are falling prey to online job scammers. One must realise that in life there is no easy way out for anything, especially money.  In a country where professionals are finding it difficult to land lucrative jobs and make a comfortable living, one must immediately become suspicious of any such job offer which promises the impossible.

When such frauds come to one’s notice, one must inform the cyber crime cell online. Such an action may or may not help the individual concerned, but at least many more will be saved from falling prey to the scam.


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hacker in India,hacker in punjab,hacker in jalandhar

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