Pakistan cyber army hacked indian sites

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KOZHIKODE: The official website of Kerala Government has been hacked by a group of hackers claiming to be team Pakistan Cyber Attacker. The hackers have completed defaced the home page of the site “” by posting a picture which shows burning of Indian flag. The hackers have also posted slogans saying “Hacked by Faisal 1337.

Official website of Kerala government Hacked. Pakistan Zindabad. We are team Pakistan Cyber Attacker. Security is just an illusion”.

Officials said that they had shut down the website following the attack and has started maintenance of it. The site is managed and hosted by C-DIT. The Cyber wing of the Police has launched a probe to trace the malicious codes that could have been hosted by the hackers in the server used by the government to host the website.

In recent times, a lot of government websites in Kerala have come under attack of the hackers identified as Pakistan Cyber Army.

In April, 2015, the website of Kochi Metro Rail was hacked by a group which posted anti-Israel messages on the site.

The webiste of the Metro Rail was also developed by Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT), an autonomous institution set up by the state government. The domain was hosted in the state data centre’s server managed by the Kerala state IT mission.

At least 36 government websites were hacked on Tuesday by online hackers going by the name ‘Indian Cyber Army’.

The 36 websites were reportedly hosted on the same server.

According to Express 24/7 correspondent Sabur Ali Syed, some of the websites belong to the Pakistan Army and the others belong to different ministries, including the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Pakistan Computer Bureau and Council of Islamic Ideology etc.

So far, no official statement has come from the government on the cyber attack.

Some of the websites have been made inaccessible while others are partially damaged, reports Sabur. The attackers have reportedly inserted a page on the websites that indicates that the servers have been rooted.

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