How are victims of cybercrime in india

How are victims of cybercrime in India

How are victims of cybercrime in india

Half of Indian internet users are victims of cybercrime Facebook and Google cooperate with us and provide information. Twitter is slow in providing information and Whatsapp has never responded to any complaints,” the officer said. While crimes like the creation of fake profiles of politicians and celebrities are still ‘manageable’, authorities express concern about crimes like morphed or nude pictures of individuals.

“The government’s cyber security arm, the computer emergency response team, is only authorized to block sites operational in India but a morphed image of somebody can be viewed in other countries. Blocking access to such images in India is hardly a relief to the victim. Social media websites don’t understand the urgency at times,” said another officer of the cyber cell.

Interestingly, social media sites like Twitter and Whatsapp did not respond to queries from DNA.

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