Best 10 Android Hidden Tricks & Tips 2016

Best 10 Android Hidden Tricks & Tips 2016

Best 10 Android Hidden Tricks & Tips 2016

Best 10 Android Hidden Tricks & Tips 2016

1. Run Kali Linux on Android Mobile Device
Kali is one of the best penetration operating systems that runs on Linux. Now you can run Kali Linux on your Android mobile and turn your Android mobile device into a hacking machine. Just Download Linux Deploy App from Google Play Store and Follow Below Guide for running and installing Kali Linux on an Android mobile phone

.2. Mirror Your Android Mobile Screen to a PC
If you wanna see your Android mobile screen on your windows pc, Download Airdroid, Teamviewer Quicksupport, and All Cast Android app from Google Play Store. Now you can see your Android mobile screen on any desktop or laptop

.3. See Hidden WiFi Signal in Your Android Phone
Download the inSSIDer app from Google Play on your phone and you can see hidden wifi signals or hidden ssid names on your Android mobile device. inSSIDer shows you all the wifi detailed reports with so much information.

4. Control the PC from Android Mobile Smartphone
Splashtop 2 is one of my favorite and best apps for controlling a Windows pc from an Android phone. You can also see your windows pc screen on your Android mobile display. Try this app on your phone and believe me guys, this is one of the most amazing Android apps in the Google Play Store. You can also play PC Games on Android phones from the Splashtop Games app.

5. Transfer Android Mobile to PC from WiFi Wirelessly
Everybody wants modern and smart in life. Now you can share Android mobile files, photos, and videos to your window pc wirelessly by using WiFi. Download Airdroid App from the google play store and you can share your all Android mobile files to your pc wirelessly.

6. Know How Many People in Your WiFi Network
Wanna know how many people are connected to your wifi network? Download¬†Fing Android App from the google play store. You can see every user’s Mac address and IP address from this app and know many exact people use your wifi network in real-time.

7. Turn Your Android Mobile Camera into a Security Surveillance Camera
Want some security gadgets like a security cam for your house? Now you turn your old Android phone into an IP webcam from the IP Webcam app. This app turns your Android phone into a surveillance camera and you can see your camera screen on your window pc.

8. Measure Your Heart Beat Rate from Android Phone Camera
I know that’s sounds weird but this possible, you can measure your heart beat rate from the Instant Heart Rate Android app. Put your middle finger on the Android camera and you can see live heart rate on your Android mobile screen.

9. Solve Math Problems by Just taking Pictures from Android Mobile
Best Android tricks for any mobile and also help students. You can solve your math problems from an Android mobile by just taking pictures. You don’t need to type anything in your Android mobile and this thing saves you lots of time. Download the Photomath app from Google Play Store and solve math problems from your Android phone camera.

10. Bypass the Android Phone Lock screen
Now you can easily bypass the Android phone lock screen If you know the right way. Open Below Link and you know what is the right way to bypass and unlock your Android pattern lock screen is.

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