Beware Internet Users! Faster Internet Adware Could Harm Your System!

Faster Internet Adware Could Harm Your System!

Beware Internet Users! Faster Internet Adware Could Harm Your System!

A new Adware has been discovered by security researchers of famous security company Bleeping Computer. The name of this new Adware is “Faster Internet”. According to security researchers, this faster Internet Adware is capable to taking screenshots of registry files and all on-going process of an infected system. This is a hard coded adware, which is directly in contact with its author through Command and Control servers. This faster internet Adware has ability to take screenshots of active window screen of system and then it uploads it to the coder’s server without the consent of user.

How it works?

In a post, Lawrence Abrams (Security Expert @ Bleeping Computer) wrote, when I was doing some work this morning I noticed a new type of Adware was sending system’s information to an unknown server. After investigation I noticed that it was a harmful Faster Internet adware which was also taking screenshots of infected system and was uploading all the information on Command and Control servers. Further he added, this Faster Internet adware has been designed by its author for collecting the hardware information of any system. Because this Faster Internet adware was sending the report of peripherals devices which has been used by company during manufacturing of system.

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This Faster Internet adware could take screenshots of booting process of any system and also of that state when user has to install any software in the system. Normal user can’t notice this process which is a biggest threat for user’s data privacy. If you have stored your confidential information into computer and you are already logged in into your financial accounts, then this Faster Internet adware can steal your personal data by taking screenshots.

From Where It Comes?

As we always said, “Say no to Freeware”! Also start reading licence and agreement clauses before installing any software. Government and other security agencies are not taking serious to these types of malwares. Most of the malicious adwares, spywares and other malicious actors came with the free software, which users are downloading for their benefit. But users don’t know that the developer of that software is not their cousin, who is giving them his software in free. He obviously want some benefit for himself by giving free softwares. Online business could face a huge loss due to these type of Adwares, because these are specially designed malicious programs of hackers, which could breach your privacy. If there is no privacy regarding your business, then it will not be a business for so long time.

How to Keep Away This Adware from system?

First of all install a paid antivirus tool into your systems. Then update it regularly. If any new malware and threat comes into cyber space, security companies always release an update to protect your system from that threat. Never click on the pop ups and adds, which you seen during internet surfing. An update has been released by most of the antivirus companies for this Faster Internet adware.

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