Hackers are Spending Too Many Dollars to Create Dangerous Mobile Malwares!

Hackers are Spending Too Many Dollars

Hackers are Spending Too Many Dollars to Create Dangerous Mobile Malwares!

Do you ever think, how Hackers are creating Malwares? Okay, let us explain. Advancement in technology is benefit for users as well as hackers. In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone. For earning profits, hackers are targeting smartphones. Hackers are developing dangerous mobile malwares, which are capable to steal financial details of any normal user from his smartphone. According to a security analyst of IBM, hackers are buying the source codes of all the existing malwares from their authors. Because it is an easy task to design a malware from its starting point. To solve this problem, hackers are making contacts with the authors of existing malwares and offering them huge amount for the source code of malware.

Some Famous Mobile Malware Families

  • GM Bot
  • Cron Bot
  • KNL Bot
  • Bilal Bot

In today’s world, Mobile phone is a device from which you could know the 60 percent secrets of anyone. Users are using their mobile phones forbanking transactions too. Money is the thing, which hackers want to earn without doing hard work. Therefore a number of Mobile Malwares had been designed by the Hackers to steal financial information of users. GM Bot is the biggest malware family and it contains a number of mobile malwares. Acecard, SlemBunk, Slempo, MazarBot and Bankosy are some famous banking malwares which had been decoded by the security experts latterly. Besides GM Bot, many other malware families are present such as Bilal Bot, Cron Bot, KNL Bot etc.
GM Bot malware family is on top for stealing financial details of users from Mobile Phones through Phishing and Fake Pop-ups. The code of this GM Bot malware contains the scripts which are capable to hide themselves behind the legitimate program files. The malware will work only at that time, when a user will open Banking apps and other financial apps. When user enters his Credit Card and Debit Card’s details, malware store the information in a file and send it to developer’s server through Command and Control Servers.
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