Hacking(Child Pornography)

Hacking(Child Pornography)

Child Pornography
The Internet is extensively used for sexual abuse of children. As more homes have access to internet, more children are accessing it and this enhances their vulnerability of falling victims to the aggression of paedophiles. Paedophiles (a person who is sexually attracted to children) lure the children by distributing pornographic material and then pursue them for sexual exploitation. Sometimes paedophiles contact children in chat rooms posing as teenagers or children of similar age; they win the confidence of these children, and then induce them into sexually provocative discussions. Then begins the actual exploitation of children.

How do they Operate

  1. Pedophiles use false identity to trap the children/teenagers
  2. Pedophiles contact children/teens in various chat rooms which are used by children/teen to interact with other children/teen.
  3. Befriend the child/teen.
  4. Extract personal information from the child/teen by winning his confidence.
  5. Gets the e-mail address of the child/teen and starts making contacts on the victim’s e-mail address as well.
  6. Starts sending pornographic images/text to the victim including child pornographic images in order to help child/teen shed his inhibitions so that a feeling is created in the mind of the victim that what is being fed to him is normal and that everybody does it.
  7. Extract personal information from child/teen
  8. At the end of it, the pedophile set up a meeting with the child/teen out of the house and then drag him into the net to further sexually assault him or to use him as a sex object.

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