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Spam refers to sending of unsolicited messages in bulk. Technically, it overflows the limited-sized memory by excessively large input data. In relation to e-mail accounts, it means bombing an e-mail account with a large number of messages maybe the same or different messages Spam is an unsolicited message requiring one’s time and effort to get rid off. A regular supply of such spam messages would naturally result in considerable annoyance. It would also directly hamper the interest of the user in his electronic mailbox where he does not expect any interference and encroachment. The result, apart from loss of Internet working hours and thwarting one’s regular e-mail stream, could be one of mental agony and distress.

How Can I Reduce the Amount of Spam I Get?

  1. Use an email filter.

  2. Limit your exposure.

  3. Check privacy policies and uncheck boxes.

  4. Choose a unique email address.

  5. Don’t let spammers use your computer.

  • Use good  computer security practices and disconnect from the internet when you’re away from your computer. Hackers can’t get to your computer when it’s not connected to the internet.
  • Be cautious about opening any attachments or downloading files from emails you receive. Don’t open an email attachment — even if it looks like it’s from a friend or coworker — unless you are expecting it or you know what it is. If you send an email with an attached file, include a message explaining what it is.
  • Download free software only from sites you know and trust. It can be appealing to download free software – like games, file-sharing programs, and customized toolbars. But remember that free software programs may contain malware.

Detect and get rid of malware.

It can be difficult to tell if a spammer has installed malware on your computer, but there are some warning signs:

  • Your friends may tell you about weird email messages they’ve received from you.
  • Your computer may operate more slowly or sluggishly.
  • You may find email messages in your sent folder that you didn’t send.

If your computer has been hacked or infected by a virus, disconnect from the internet right away. Then take steps to remove malware.

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